"He mounts the storm, and walks upon the wind." - Alexander Pope

"Life is short. The sooner that a man begins to enjoy his wealth the better." - Samuel Johnson

"Too much consistency is as bad for the mind as for the body." - Aldous Huxley

"It is more dangerous that even a guilty person should be punished without the forms of law than that he should escape." - Thomas Jefferson

"That all men are equal is a proposition to which, at ordinary times, no sane individual has ever given his assent." - Aldous Huxley

"Forethought we may have, undoubtedly, but not foresight." - Napoleon

"Some are weather-wise, some are otherwise." - Benjamin Franklin

"When we know what we want to prove, we go out and find our facts. They are always there." - Pearl S. Buck

"Work is the province of cattle." - Dorothy Parker

"I have mental joys and mental health, Mental friends and mental wealth, I've a wife that I love and that loves me; I've all but riches bodily." - William Blake

"Science must constantly be reminded that her purposes are not the only purposes and that the order of uniform causation which she has use for, and is therefore right in postulating, may be enveloped in a wider order, on which she has no claim at all." - William James

"To change and to improve are two different things." - German proverb

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